Agricultural technology centre

Agricultural technology centre

  • Base for practice-based teaching – 250 m²
  • Approx. 2 km away from the Triesdorf campus
  • Facilities and space for student projects
  • Electronics, robotics, control, regulation, measuring and testing technology
  • Mechanical workshop (sawing, drilling, sheet processing, welding)


Tugs and vehicles:


NCTE torque sensor:

  • Measures the torque and rotation speed of the PTO shaft
  • Outputs data via analogue signal or CAN bus
  • Measures the performance of auxiliary equipment



CAN telemetry system

  • Records CAN bus data
  • Internal GNSS sensor
  • Internal acceleration sensor
  • Geocoded collection of CAN data
  • Data can be transmitted to server


Tensioning frame

  • Used to apply defined loads (forces, moments, deformations) to equipment
  • Control using hydraulic bench
  • Detection of deformations, stretching, forces
  • Metrological proof of strength





Testing tank

  • Rotating tank
  • Positioning of test specimen, option to attach sensors
  • Checking for wear
  • Determining the kinematics of multi-body systems
  • Representation of soil movement around ploughshares
  • Development of prototypes
  • Laboratory-scale testing for the preparation of field tests







Hydraulic bench

  • 2 kW hydraulic power
  • Construction of basic circuits
  • Mechanically or electrically controlled, or regulated
  • Metrological detection of flow rates and pressures using multi-point measuring system
  • For use in teaching and project work
  • as a drive unit