Biodiversity encompasses three areas: Species diversity, i.e. the number of species in a particular location, genetic diversity within a species and habitat diversity, i.e. the number of different habitats or ecosystems.

Biodiversity is crucial to the preservation and maintenance of our cultural landscape, so it is important to maintain an abundance of species in the agricultural and cultural landscape. Maintaining a high level of biodiversity also has a number of benefits for ecological agricultural businesses.

In species-rich areas, dry conditions have less impact on biomass production than in monocultures. A high level of species diversity therefore acts as a buffer in extreme weather conditions, which are becoming more and more frequent as a result of climate change. It is also important to preserve the diversity of natural genetic resources to ensure maximum flexibility in terms of our basic food resources. The transfer of knowledge is also crucial in this area, so online training has already been created as part of the ‘Room for diversity’ project. [Link]


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