Legal studies

Legal studies


In order to clarify any legal issues that may arise in connection with the use of biomass, renewable energy or more generally in research projects, the Institute of biomass research has at its disposal up-to-date versions of the legal literature, as well as access to legal databases. A variety of other media is also available in the university libraries.

In the field of legal research, the focus is on the interfaces between law and technology, with the aim of developing solutions with the highest possible usability in practice, while also taking into account the relevant national and international legal requirements. The particular focuses here are on environmental and energy law.


Service spectrum

  • Analysis of the legal framework for research projects
  • Inspection of technical research results for legal feasibility
  • Drafting of legal opinions
  • Planning and coordination of interdisciplinary projects




Prof. Dr. iur Astrid von Blumenthal


Contact person

Anja Bartsch, Ass. iur.
Tel.: +49 (0) 981 203 633-31